“Gənclərin Təşəbbüs Qrupu”nun ABŞ səfirliyinə və ABŞ administrasiyasına etiraz müraciəti

  • Aprel 26, 2021 15:30

  • Dear Mr. Ambassador
    As the “Youth Initiative Group”, we want to bring the concerns and protests of the Turkish youth to the attention of you and your government. The speech of the President of the United States of America Joe Biden on the issue of the “so-called armenian genocide” based on historical falsifications and lies, which has shaken the world agenda in recent days, has caused great concern and dissatisfaction.
    This historical mistake has fundamentally shaken Turkish-American, Azerbaijani-American relations and overshadowed the prospects for future cooperation in all areas. This is a business process where historians, not politicians, can investigate and make a final decision. Although the Turkish government has repeatedly suggested that commissions and working groups of historical researchers work together on this issue, and open the archives of the United States, Britain, France, the Vatican and Russia, all parties refused. If you want the truth to be revealed, for justice to be established, open your archives and entrust this work to historians.
    We are confident that when the archives are opened, neither the “existence of armenia as a state” nor the “so-called armenian genocide” will be reflected. When blaming or judging a country or a nation, it would be good for that state to look at its dark historical path. There is a good saying: “Do not judge others, they will judge you,” and the United States government must acknowledge the historic mistake and injustice it has made and apologize to the Republic of Turkey, as well as to the Turkish people.
    This will break the cold between the two countries and create a positive basis for future cooperation and strategic partnership in all areas.

    Chairman of the “Youth İnitiative Group”
    Parviz Usubov

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